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"Error! Jahaslist size is too small. You may have an incomplete update."

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  • "Error! Jahaslist size is too small. You may have an incomplete update."

    On a fresh install on Rocky Linux, I keep getting this error every time I login.
    "Error! Jahaslist size is too small. You may have an incomplete update."
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    Everything seems to be working just fine otherwise. Any ideas?


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    From this posting,

    When you install NxFilter first time, it needs to populate its Jahaslist database. Since it takes up to 1 minute, some people restart it while it is updating the database. As a result, you will end up with incomplete Jahaslist database. By v4.6.0.8 of NxFilter, you should have more than 4379872 domains classified in Jahaslist and you can check it on 'Classifier > Jahaslist'.

    If you have lesser number of domains in the database then it's incomplete and you may want to restore it. What you need to do is to stop NxFilter and delete /nxfilter/db/jahaslist.h2.db file. After you delete the file, when you restart NxFilter, it will rebuild its Jahaslist database.


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      I am still having an issue with this, I just tried the fix by deleting the jahaslist.h2 file and restarting the service and still only have 373,658 domains. I looked in /nxfilter/db and all files are dated today, so it did update. but only the 373658 domains. I am running version


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        Do you have /nxfilter/jahaslist/baselist.nxz file? That's the baselist file. When you first install it, it will populate Jahaslist DB with it. And it takes under 20 seconds in my case. But it depends on your system performance. So, you have to wait for sometime before you stop it or restart it again. Delete the jahaslist.h2.db file again and restart it and then look into /nxfilter/log/nxfilter.log file. You will see it populating its DB. Wait for it to complete its job.

        If it's on Linux you can monitor the log message by
        tail -f /nxfilter/log/nxfilter.log

        If it's on Windows, open a Powershell window and use this command.
        Get-Content -Path c:\nxfilter\log\nxfilter.log -Wait
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          It worked... thank!