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How to add your own language files for NxFilter GUI.

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  • How to add your own language files for NxFilter GUI.

    NxFilter supports a multi-language interface for its GUI, allowing users to customize the display language. Follow these steps to add your own language files:

    1. Directory Structure:
    Place all language files in the "/nxfilter/lang" directory.

    2. Default Language File:
    Locate the "dict.txt" file in "/nxfilter/lang," the default language file in English. Translate this file to your desired language. When you translate it, leave the indexing that is '100.001.001' like numbers untouched.

    3. Language Indexing:
    Under "/nxfilter/lang," create a subdirectory named with a 2-character country code (e.g., 'de' for German). This subdirectory will be displayed in a select box under 'System > Setup > Misc.'

    4. Inside Your Language Subdirectory:
    Place your translated "dict.txt" file inside the created language subdirectory.

    5. System Categories:
    In the language subdirectory, find two additional files: "categories.txt" for Jahaslist categories and "" for Cloudlist categories. Translate these files from the corresponding English files that are "/nxfilter/jahaslist/categories.txt" and "/nxfilter/conf/".

    6. Example:
    For instance, if creating a German language version, create a 'de' subdirectory, translate "dict.txt" into German, and translate the relevant category files.
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