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Why we recommend you to block 'Hostname without Domain' for NxCloud.

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  • Why we recommend you to block 'Hostname without Domain' for NxCloud.

    There's 'Drop Hostname without Domain' option on 'DNS > Server Protection'. This is for blocking the DNS queries for hostnames like WPAD which is only meaningful for your local network or the DNS queries for hostnames without domains in your Active Directory.

    When you allow these kinds of DNS queries to your NxCloud, your clients will send so many queries for these domains for their local network and then your NxCloud will send a lot of queries to its upstream server for these domains that will end up with NXDOMAIN answer. So, it's better to answer them with NXDOMAIN on your NxCloud side to save all the performance cost.

    We have 'Drop Hostname without Domain' option for NxCloud, NxFilter both. At default, it's enabled on NxCloud but not on NxFilter. It's because NxCloud is supposed to be deployed on cloud.

    You still can bypass a specific hostname while you have 'Drop Hostname without Domain' enabled. You can add the hostname you want to bypass on 'Whitelist > Domain' with Bypass Filter option. It should be a global whitelist rule if it's on NxFilter. If it's on NxCloud, you have to add it on Admin GUI not on Operator GUI.
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