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  • DNS - Listen On IP

    After both a MS Server 2016 update and a restart, I found the admin portal not working. I checked the log file and found port 53 was blocked. I checked the cfg properties and indeed the listen_IP port is correct. I then looked at the DNS server properties for the listen to port as we already have a primary DNS server on this DC. I attached the image below of what I found after MS update and restart of the DC. I only want to listen on the primary DNS, I installed NXF as an alternative DNS, Therefore, I manually selected, Only the following IPs, and check only. Though as stated, following MS update and restart, DNS properties reverted back to listen to all IP addresses. End result, NXF admin portal was not working. This is problematic, if every time I install an update and/or restart the DC, I will have to verify this DNS property. Anyone else seen this issue? My guess, this is not an NXF issue but perhaps an MS issue. I don't know if an MS update caused this or not. Any comments?
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