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  • Update broke port collision (

    I'm a newcomer to NXF and noticed an update today ( so I wanted to explore by testing how to update NXF. Initially when I installed NXF I used the .exe file. I had to follow the instructions to avoid port collision since I'm installing NXF on a domain controller with DNS. When I initially installed, I had to manually add the line in to listen only to the IP for NXF.

    When I went through the update process I decided to use the zip folder. The instructions were to unzip into nxfilter directory which I did. However, I noticed this update overwrote the /conf folder which wiped out my listen IP that I set. Luckily, I was a few steps ahead and noted this before the update. Sure enough, I confirmed the update did wipe out that setting. Therefore, I had to manually update the file once again so I could access the Admin Dashboard.

    I did create a configuration backup from the Dashboard, System > Backup. I did not restore that backup as I'm not sure the information in the /conf folder was included as the backup referenced database.

    Two questions:
    1. Would the backup configuration file restored this information? (As noted, I did not try this)
    2. How to prevent this workaround in the future with updates? (Assume that I follow the correct steps. Perhaps the .exe file would have resulted in a different outcome).

    Referenced Instructions from Youtube Help Video:
    4. Install NxFilter. - But it crashes from a port collision on UDP/53. - It is because NxFilter tries to listen on every IP at default.
    5. Make your NxFilter listening on only. - Edit c:/nxfilter/conf/cfg.propertes file.
    6. Start NxFilter service.
    7. You can access NxFilter GUI on

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    Do you have file in your .zip package? I don't think you have it.

    The settings by is different from config.db. You don't need to restore the config db.


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      I looked again at the zip package, and you are right. I don't see the file. See snippet. However, during the unzip process into nxfilter directory, I had to manually edit the for the listen_ip port. Not sure what happened, will have to keep an eye on that for the next update.
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