When you try to find a network filtering solution, you will be confused with so many selections out there. Everybody says that theirs is the best. When you visit their homepages, there are testimonials from people who don't seem to be real. When you ask for a help from people in some kind of network expert community, you get an answer from a sales guy saying "You get what you paid for". But they have no expertise in what they are selling and they just said that to justify their over expensive pricing.

We see many people getting manipulated in such a way. We don't do the same thing. We wanted to present you the evidence everybody can trust. So, we created a test user group 3 years ago. The members of the group are schools from several countries. They post their usage reports once a month and you can view the reports and find out how NxFilter performs in real world.

There are reports from the schools filtering more than 1,000 users and the schools integrated NxFilter with Active Directory and the schools having 802.1x Wi-Fi user authentication for smartphones by NxFilter. And there's a school district filtering multiple schools with NxCoud and NxRelay. These are all real users. Don't get manipulated easily. Decide which is the best for you after viewing these real world reports.

You can view our test user group reports here, https://nxfilter.org/forum/usage-reports

If you want to join the group, https://nxfilter.org/forum/announcem...aslist-license