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CxForward malfunction problem has been fixed.

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  • CxForward malfunction problem has been fixed.

    We have a Chrome extension for bypassing SSL errors when you get blocked on HTTPS. Due to the changes made by Chrome, this extension stopped working recently. We found it several days ago and we solved the problem. There were 2 kinds of problems.

    1. SSL detection is not working.

    2. Auto-discovery for NxFilter server is not working.

    For the first problem, we went back to our old way of inspecting all the HTTPS requests. It's been solved. However, we decided not to go with the automatic server discrovery function anymore. Chrome has restricted HTTP queries from its extensions and that blocked CxForward from finding its server. We think the manual setting would be safer for its future. From v1.0.4 of CxForward, you have to set server IP manually.

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    Thank you! I see that you have updated the Microsoft Edge Chromium version as well and it works much better when manually adding the server. However, is there a way to update all our computers on our network (about 1,200) with this new setting through GPO/Registry? Some extensions allow you to set settings through the registry, there is not a lot of info available about that, but we use it for uBlock Origin. The best info I could find about that was here Configuring Apps and Extensions by Policy - The Chromium Projects and here uBlock Origin GPO Configuration for Edge – Documenting Various IT Systems ( I could also just replace a file inside the extension folder, but i could not find what file was updated to tell CxForward what server to use. Hopefully you can help me out. Thank you for your support.


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      We don't think it's a reliable solution. After we update CxForward, we don't see its new directory yet. The extension is updated to v1.0.4 but the directory we see is v1.0.2. This one will cause a lot of confusion. And the process is too complicated for most users.

      We block the replies to this posting since it's an announcement. If you have any other suggestion, you can use Tech Support channel.


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        The problem related to server auto-discovery function of CxForward will be sovled with v1.0.6. We decided to try a new approach. It will require v4.6.0.9 of NxFilter. We will release v4.6.0.9 of NxFilter this week and then update CxForward on Chrome Web Store and Microsoft store.


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          We had to update NxFilter to v4.6.1.1 to solve some problem with CxForward auto-detection function. You need v4.6.1.1 of NxFilter for server auto-detection feature of CxForward.