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Major changes of v4.6.5.1 of NxFilter and NxCloud.

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  • Major changes of v4.6.5.1 of NxFilter and NxCloud.

    v4.6.5.1 of NxFilter and NxCloud will be released in several days. There are some changes you need to know.

    Using UDP socket between cluster nodes

    At default, NxFilter uses TCP/19004 for communication between cluster nodes. Since we use only one TCP socket between a slave node and a master node, when you have heavy traffic between nodes, you can have a possible blocking problem. To prevent this kind of problem, we will use UDP socket for heavy traffic between nodes. If you use clustering, you have to open UDP/19004 between nodes from now on.

    We have a script for defragmentation of traffic database

    We found some of our users having abnormally huge traffic databases. To deal with the problem, we have /nxfilter/bin/ script. It will clean up your traffic database and try to shrink it by defragmentation. When you run the script, you have to stop NxFilter first.

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    In old versions, there's '' for deleting unused data in traffic database but it has been removed from the new package and '' will do its job as well.